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Quick-mCourt was designed to meet the needs of today's Municipal/Mayors Courts What if we told you we could eliminate the manual data entry of the tickets into the software, collect your money without you ever having to talk to the Violator, download those payments off of the internet and post them to the ticket that was paid, and at the same time disperse those payments and track how much goes to each agency, ie CMIS, easily print your Court docket, and after court let you load your docket back up, select the proper names, and batch print all of your Drivers Revocations and/or Warrants at once with the push of a button! That's exactly what Quick-mCourt can do for you and your staff! And it is Affordable even for the smallest of Courts! Give us a call for a free cost evaluation.

  1. Eliminate the manual Data Entry of the tickets.
  2. Collect your money from the Violator on line, without ever talking to them.
  3. Auto Post the payment to the ticket that was paid.
  4. Auto Disperse the ticket payments to the appropriate agency (ie CMIS).
  5. Easily run your Docket by Arraignment Date.
  6. Auto Generate Warrants, Drivers Revocations, and Suspension Letters in a batch.
  7. Wide range of Reporting Options available at the click of a button.
  8. Transfer Tickets to the Supreme Court or the DMV electronically

And Quick-PD comes with Quick-mCourt at no additional charge! Click on the "POLICE" tab to learn more about our Police Records Management System!