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Daily Logs Main Call/Incident Screen Suspects Incident Property Management Narratives Arrest with Arrest Report Initial Offense Report Auto generate Warrants, Affidavits, and ability to auto create any Custom Document. CID Module UCR Summary Reporting
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If you are in the market for a new Police RMS, then you probably know how confusing and potentially expensive this decision can be. With over 30 years of in house programming experience designing software, our goal was to design a R.M.S. system that is easy to use and learn, highly efficient, and affordable for even the smallest department!

Quick-PD Records Management Software is designed for even the most novice of computer users. Our intuitive screens enables agencies to train quickly and effectively.

The job is hard enough. The paperwork should be easy. And with Quick-PD Records Management Software and Report Writing System, it is.

And the system comes complete with Quick-mCourt, a Professional Municipal Court House system, if your department manages the tickets and the payments. Please click on the Municipal Court tab to learn more about the advanced features of Quick-mCourt. Below are some of the Highlights