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The Daily Log will track an Officers activity throughout the day. At the start of each shift the officer will create a new log that will allow the system to track the mileage driven for his unit, any issues with that unit, who it was reported to, and to easily create a New Incident for each call or traffic stop that occurs throughout the course of his or her shift. Easily search for outstanding Warrants and create new Traffic Citations. The entries in the browse are interactive and simply by clicking on the entry in the browse, the system will pull that incident to the screen.

At the end of each shift, the officer may print a hardcopy of their daily log to be turned into their Supervisor.

And the Supervisor has the ability to bring up all logs by date range. This is an interactive report that will allow the Supervisor to click on an officers log and bring that log to the screen. Then each incident in that log is also interactive and will allow the supervisor to click on any incident and bring it to the screen for review.